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Public Value

Welcome to Cardiff Business School – 

the world’s first Public Value Business School.

We are a Business School with a purpose and our mission is clear – to make a positive impact on the world. Now is the time to stand up and be recognised for your contribution to society. We value more than just economic success. We want to bring humanity, sustainability, generosity and innovation to the business sector.

It’s our collective duty to help sustain our local and global economies, for future as well as current generations.

We call this Public Value.

It’s our purpose, and what we stand for.

What do you stand for?

Together, we’re changing business for good...

Ieuan Davies

I stand for_


Ieuan Davies

“It’s not just about having a strong moral direction; it’s having the inspiration and motivation to go out and do something. This is what I want the world to be. I feel I have the support from Cardiff Business School to go out and make a difference.”

Cardiff Business School student 

Violina Sarma

I stand for_


Violina Sarma

“Leaders are important because they’re the ones making the decisions.

We need people with different experiences and different outlooks to make a real difference. We need diversity at the table. Let’s strive for this.”

Cardiff Business School student

Rachel Ashworth

I stand for_

the next generation

Professor Rachel Ashworth

“We need to imagine how the world can be different. We look at issues from multiple perspectives and challenge the status quo. Business schools aren’t normally explicit about making a big impact on society, but we are. This is the generation that’s going to put it right.”

Dean of Cardiff Business School

I stand for_ 

a fairer world

Professor Calvin Jones

“We’re experts in transformation. We help organisations adapt to provide sustainable value. It’s putting business in a place where we can make Wales and the world a fairer place through inclusion.”

Deputy Dean for Public Value and External Relations

Pratik Patel

I stand for_ responsible business

“There’s a distinct imbalance between the power of big corporations and consumers. Businesses need to consider the long term by having the best interests of the consumer weaved into their strategy and by ensuring products are fit for purpose.”

I stand for_ progress

Shazerinna Zainal

“We have to understand the world we live in. Businesses, NGOs and government need to collaborate to impact the communities they operate in. It’s about helping society progress together.”

Cardiff Business School student

Pratik Patel,

Cardiff Business School student

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