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For Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences graduates, a world of possibilities awaits. Where will you go?

Take the leap at Cardiff University.

Why Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences?

Even if you don't have your career all mapped out, you should love what you learn.

When you study a degree in Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences, you can choose a subject you're passionate about - safe in the knowledge you’ll be a highly employable graduate, with skills that can be used across so many industries.

In fact, eight out of the ten fastest-growing UK sectors employ more Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences graduates than any other disciplines*.

So even if you don't know where you're going just yet, you'll know you're headed in the right direction.

Love what you learn

Studying a subject you love means you can discover and shape your future with passion. Whether that’s English, Music, Journalism, Languages, a combination or something else entirely, choose with your head and heart.

Secure your future

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences graduates are highly employable (88% in employment*) and resilient to economic upheaval.

*British Academy Report - Qualified for the Future, 2020

Adaptable skills

Gain the skills that employers value now and for the future. Becoming an independent learner, thinking critically and being innovative are in high demand* across a range of industries, giving you freedom and career flexibility.

*British Academy Report - Qualified for the Future, 2020

Why Cardiff University?

We're an ambitious and innovative university with a bold and strategic vision located in a beautiful and thriving capital city.

We're proud that 97% of our graduates are in employment and / or further study, due to start a new job or course, or doing other activities such as travelling 15 months after the end of their course*.

*Higher Education Statistics Agency, Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020

Graduate stories

"I studied Human Geography as I was unsure of what I wanted to do as a career – but I was aware of the opportunities and options that the degree would provide me in terms of my career paths."

"I studied History and chose my degree based on what I was good at and what interested me in my A-levels, knowing it would take time to figure out my career path and life goals."

"My International Relations and Politics degree was so empowering; it taught me how to communicate on issues and engage in processes that can deliver big changes."

What our students are saying

Tamika Hull

BSc Urban Planning and Development

 "I love to learn, and currently feel like I haven’t learnt everything I want to know to have a solid plan for a future career. The more I learn, the more things I find interesting and would like to go into. But that’s what is great about my degree, the opportunities are endless."

Henry Liggins

BA Music

"I chose Music as I wanted to follow my heart and do something that I am passionate about, rather than what might make me more ‘employable’ - and I love my course."

Elin Roberts

Ellie Ball

BA Journalism and Communications

BA French and Spanish

"Coming to the end of my first year A-Levels, I decided to think of practicalities. I didn't want to be tied down to one specific career path or job market; I wanted options, and I wanted to do a degree that would open the door to a wide range of possibilities. I also knew that I wanted to travel, and perhaps live abroad at some point. It was then that I realised I should start looking at language degrees."

"Let alone the wealth of knowledge I have gained in my subject of study (Journalism and Communications), university has taught me more than I could have ever imagined; about myself, other people, and the world. The fact my experience in Cardiff turned out to be such a great one has filled me with a sense of optimism that will be with me as I enter the next phase of my life."

Find the course to launch your future

Studying safely at Cardiff University: our approach

We’ve worked hard to put protective measures in place to manage the challenges presented by COVID-19 and to ensure your time with us is safe and enjoyable during these unprecedented times.

Ready, set...  go

Follow your passions - studying what you love is a great way to start your journey. Find your feet and step into your future at Cardiff University.

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