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Cardiff's Notable Names

Suggest historical figures for Cardiff University to celebrate across campus, in our buildings and artwork

Your suggestions are welcomed for figures from history who deserve to be recognised and celebrated across Cardiff University's campus.

Tell us about the inspirational and notable figures that deserve recognition, and help us celebrate diversity and inclusion on campus. They might be innovators or activists, local legends or national treasures - we want your ideas! 

What's in a name?

Celebrating historical figures like Millicent Mackenzie or Subodh Chandra Mahalanobis in portraiture, building names, or awards helps us showcase the history of Cardiff and inspire future generations.

Who's missing from campus?

Should Lady Rhondda be keeping John Viriamu Jones company in Main Building? Who are the people that matter to you that should have a home on campus?

Informative talks

Raise awareness

Shine a light on Cardiff's lesser-known historical figures

Meet academics

Celebrate the University

Nurture closer links between campus and the community

Campus tours

A lasting legacy for Cardiff

Tour university residences

The new urban landscape

Making once in a generation changes that turn heads

The names you highlight will inspire future students

Explore Cardiff

Put diversity on the map

Link the landmarks of Cardiff to our diverse history

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